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bit-tech :Assassin's Creed (PlayStation 3)
Posted by newsbot on November 27th 2007

Assassin's Creed could have been so much more:givenbetterenemy AI, more variation in the missions and a more coherent storyline,this could have been a game that lived up to the hype. Unfortunately,what we have is a game with amazing graphics and not much else.The gameplay on its own isn’t really that bad, but it’s far from thehyped up genre defining spectacular we were all lead to expect. Thebrutal reality is that because the game tries to be a jack of alltrades it ends up as a master of none.There are better stealth games out there and better platformers andbetter third-person shooters too. For plot, there are more convincingscience fiction games and more interesting historical games. How exactly the game managed to build so much hype on just a handful ofscreenshots and a trailer or two, I’m not sure. It feels a bit like adevelopers conceit, and the game has been sold on the one thing itlacks:innovation and originality. The game ends up as entirely average.Let's hope Ubisoft can fix things in time for Assassin's Creed 2,a game which is surely on its way given the phenomenal and somewhatbaffling success of the first game.

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