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bit-tech P:Hands on with Intel's X48 chipset
Posted by newsbot on November 27th 2007

It's not like 1,600MHz FSB CPUs will be saved for X48either, sinceAsus has already added support on its X38 boards. If Asus can managethis, we have no doubt that everyone else will follow suit too, whichin turn kills any potential hardware leverage the X48 might have had.On the overclocking front, Asus has shown me that it has achieved568MHz FSB with an E6550 on air with a moderate voltage increase,however the team behind that must have a gem of a CPU because I canonly get our QX9770 processor to match the results we got with ourP5E3 Deluxe, which topped out around 500MHz FSB.If you've already bought an X38 then don't stress about X48 - you'realready there, just keep your BIOS up to date. However what worries meis that since X38 is hardly the performance demon what we expected itto be over P35 - where does this leave Intel's mid-to-high end chipsetbusiness?

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