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bit-tech :Kane and Lynch:Dead Men
Posted by newsbot on November 24th 2007

Kane and Lynch is one of those odd games which manages to do somany things right, but so many things wrong too. Itís clear from theoffset that the unrelenting pace, complex backstory and coolly violentgameplay will make it an instant cult hit. However, the less than impressive graphics, awkward multiplayer andsamey nature of the gameplay at the most basic level will equally justput some people off. If I were a psychic forced to predict the future of Kane and Lynch,Iíd say itíll probably end up as one of those word-of-mouth games whichis constantly recommended by fans and critics. Somehow though it willnever really take off Ė like Psychonauts or Beyond Goodand Evil, both of which I heartily and ironically recommend. Itís not that Kane and Lynch is a bad game. Quite the opposite. Kane andLynchpromises an exciting ride filled with vendettas, vices and vengeance.Unfortunately, that isnít a dish that everyone has a taste for andthose that are after something more basic and hi-res would be betteroff looking elsewhere. A good game on the whole, but one filled with minor flaws and issues, Kane and Lynchhas the potential to spawn a second, even more adult and undergroundfranchise for Eidos and IO. For the moment though, what weíre left withis a well-told tale which does its best to stand out but can neverquite manage to rise above the crowd of other higher-def shootersavailable this year. Worth picking up, but probably worth selling onagain a few weeks later too.

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