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OCZ PC2-6400 ReaperX 4GB DDR2 Memory
Posted by newsbot on November 21st 2007

OCZ's newest line of ram sports these new heat shields but that isnot all. Probably the most important factor of the new Reaper X is not thenewest but these kits are a whooping 4 gigs. So, for you Vista users youwill have all the ram you would need for MS's newest OS to run itssmoothest. For the extreme overclocker the new heat spreaders allow you pumpthese modules with up to 2.2 volts of juice without voiding the warranty.And for the individuals that want tight timings? How does 4-4-3-15 sound?Is there more this new ram have to offer? Read the article.

View article at pro-clockers.com

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