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contains G.a.p.p.y-T.e.x.t
Posted by newsbot on November 18th 2007

There is still some nugget of charm buried deep within PerseusMandatehowever and I was pretty surprised by the reaction of one or two peoplein the office when I got my hands on it. Within moments, two people hadseparately mentioned to me how they wanted to borrow the game when thereview was done so they could try it out. There just seems to besomething about the franchise that gets people coming back no matterhow bad I tell them the game is. The depressing thing is that I knowhow bad the game is, but I’ll still probably give it another fullplaythrough next time I have some time spare. You see, that’s the rub, as they say. Perseus Mandateisn’t a great game and it isn’t even a good-looking game. But if you’veread this review this far then we have to take it that you liked theoriginal F.E.A.R. an awful lot. If that’s true then the chancesare you’re going to pick this game up anyway, purely to experience theextra bits of the story. It’s a shame that you’ll likely waste yourtime on Perseus Mandate, because with the number of great gamescoming out at the moment there’s no excuse to be caught playing PerseusMandate. None at all.

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