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ASUS Radeon HD 3870 512MB G-DDR4
Posted by newsbot on November 15th 2007

We don't doubt though that as we see new drivers from AMD perfo rmance will begin to go up. You have to remember though that this card is priced at $250 US (or roughly $350 AUD) so it's not an expensive card like your normal next-gen offering.Looking over our questions from the intro the card does perform quite wel l and is a nice step up from the HD 2900 XT at a very good price. It's really in direct competition with the 8800GT although it never really man ages to perform as well as it, bar a few cases. It's a good card and if you want a multi card setup on your P35/X38 motherboard, it's going to be a better option than a single 8800 Ultra. Should NVIDIA be worried? N ot really. By the time AMD get a really kick ass driver out for the 3870 the new models from NVIDIA could be around the corner and the whole fight starts over again.

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