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3G on Taiwan High Speed Rail
Posted by newsbot on November 14th 2007

Simply put, it's a small device which allows you to use 3.5G HS DPA mobile internet access on your computer via USB. Most cell networks s upport 3G these days but if high-speed data network is unavailable, it wi ll switch down to slower GPRS access.Quite surprisingly, the device worked well whilst driving around the moun tains albeit dropping out occasionally, as it changed phone towers or as we drove through tunnels. The real test however, would be if it worked wh ile traveling at up to 300km/h (about 187 miles / hour). It only claims t o work at up to around 150km/h, which is faster than most situations wher e this device would be used. What happens though when we fire it up on Ta iwan's new High Speed Rail trains which burn their engines at up to 300 km/h?

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