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bit-tech :BFGTech GeForce 8800 GT OC 512MB
Posted by newsbot on November 12th 2007

We continue tobe impressed by Nvidia’s GeForce 8800 GT and in the grand scheme ofthings, and BFGTech’s overclocked card continues that trend. Admittedly, the BFGTech 8800 GT OC is only a few frames per secondfaster than the reference card in most scenarios, but the benefit ofthe BFGTech card is that it comes with a decent warranty and, fromexperience, good customer services too.At around £182 (inc. VAT) with free delivery for active bit-tech forummembers, it’s not the cheapest GeForce 8800 GT available - but it’swell-placed in the middle of the pricing matrix.  XFX’s Alpha Dog XXXEdition, which comes with 670MHz core and 1950MHz memory clocks is allthe way up at £223 (inc. VAT), while the cheapest stock-clocked GeForce8800 GT we’ve seen is around the £165-mark.Ultimately, it depends what you’re after and, if you don’t mind waitinga few days, BFGTech’s GeForce 8800 GT OC2 should be available to buy onOverclockers UK for around £195 (inc. VAT).  This card comes clocked at675MHz core, 1674MHz shader and 1950MHz memory – you can achieve thiswith a bit of overclocking on the 8800 GT OC, but is it worth saving£10 to potentially void your warranty?On the whole, BFGTech’s GeForce 8800 GT OC card delivers and it earns arecommendation from us, but we’d like pricing (on the whole) to settledown to more respectable levels.  At the very least, we’d like theprices to come down to the levels we were told the GeForce 8800 GT wasexpected to hit in the run-up to its launch back on the 29th October. I guess we’re not going to see prices settle down until the demandstarts to drop off a little though, so it's a case of either get onewhen you can, or wait  a while until the demand shrinks – supply isvery short at the moment it would seem, as everywhere we’ve looked, allGeForce 8800 GTs are on backorder.

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