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bit-tech P:Kane and Lynch Multiplayer
Posted by newsbot on November 07th 2007

Kane and Lynch is shaping up to be a fantastic game, with aninnovative (though perhaps a little too streamlined) multiplayer game,fantastic co-op and a talented and passionate team behind it. That muchhad been proved to me for the second time.I do have concerns though. The last level which I played was of suchstark contrast to the previous levels that I had some misgivings aboutthe direction the consistently brilliant story had taken. Knowing thatthis level came at the end of the game didn’t help matters much eitherand made me think the game had an overly Hollywood-ised endings. Interestingly, endings are something that IO Interactive has hadtrouble with in the past too. The original Hitmandrew considerable scorn for changing pace abruptly in the latterstages, forcing Agent 47 to switch from a silent and stealthy figure ofdetached doom into a minigun toting symbol of freedom and self-hatredas he mowed down dozens of clones of himself.However, comparing Hitman and Kane and Lynch shouldn’treflect badly on either and, if anything, reflects well on IO’s new kidon the block. Kane and Lynchmay possibly have a fly in the ointment regarding the latter part ofthe game, but if that’s all there is to worry about then it’s highlypossible that we could have some game of the year material on our handsin the near future.

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