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bit-tech :Timeshift
Posted by newsbot on November 05th 2007

TimeShift isn’t a great game, an opinion I’ve probably alreadyover-communicated, but it does have some redeeming features. The wholething is pretty easy to pick up and gamers who want some mindlessaction will no doubt get a kick out of it. The environments are welldetailed too, with some nice weather effects doing a good job of hidingsome of the uglier graphics and more poorly designed levels. One thing I did like about the game though was the unlockables section,which lets players unlock extra little videos and snippets whichexplain bits of the story. Sure, it further evidences the fact that thestory is poorly structured and told, but if you really get into it thenit’s a nice way to build in detail slowly. In the end though the game doesn’t do enough to make itself stand outfrom the crowd of truly awesome games this year. TimeShift hascome at a time when it has to compete with the likes of Halo 3,The Orange Boxand a host of other titles headed to the Xbox 360. By that measure thegame ends up falling a little flat and, while it may be good to pick upfrom the bargain bin for a rainy Saturday (as long as you try not totake it too seriously), that may be just about all it’s good for andthe game isn’t really worth the time of most players.

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