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bit-tech - Hellgate:London
Posted by newsbot on November 02nd 2007

When you get right down to it, Hellgate:London isn’tquite the epic RPG re-imagining that it was hyped up to be and justgoes to show that even a team of ex-Blizzard developers don’t alwaysproduce golden games. That said, the game is still enjoyable andplayable and if you’re after a game which tries to do lots of differentthings at once then Hellgate is The Safe Bet. A jack of all trades and a master of none, Hellgate feels likean odd blend of Knights of The Old Republic and Nethack,with a touch of FPS thrown in for good measure. Unfortunately, while itkeeps a lot of the good stuff from these games it also retains a few ofthe flaws and we’re left with a game that is probably going toentertain most people for a good twenty or so hours, but which isn’treally going to rock anyone's world.

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