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Tuniq TX-2 Thermal paste
Posted by newsbot on November 01st 2007

The average web-surfing, email-checking net slave doesn't think muchabout thermal paste. Thermal performance probably never enters their minduntil they get a whiff of burning silicon, if then. Now, consider youraverage enthusiast. They probably worry about temps, but not to the extremeof buying branded, high-end thermal paste. Even among the enthusiastcommunity, many are happy with stock cooling. However there is a sub-cultureinside our sub-culture. They crave MHz like an addict craves smack. Everysingle detail of their computer is designed to eek out that little extra fpsor to shave off a millisecond rendering time. They route cables, installfans, mod their PC's and even buy fancy thermal compound to get their CPU'sa degree Celsius cooler. Today, I'm reviewing Tuniq TX-2 thermal paste. Inormally use Arctic Silver 5. Let's see how it stacks up.

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