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bit-tech :The Legend Of Zelda:The Phantom Hourglass
Posted by newsbot on October 27th 2007

The Phantom Hourglass has run out of time and now we canonlychoke out our parting shots before we’re buried under a veritablemountain of great gameplay. That’s exactly what’s on offer with The Phantom Hourglasstoo – a mountain gameplay which will keep you coming back for more overand over. The game does well to offer a scaled down version of past Zeldatitles and the design team has obviously learned what was good and wasbad about The Wind Waker. More impressively, they’ve managed todesign a game which is perfectly suited to the hardware of the DS. There are a few problems with The Phantom Hourglassthough, such as the titular hourglass which provides Link with a setamount of ‘safe time’ when traversing the game's central dungeon – TheHome of The Ocean King. The dungeon itself relies more on stealthgameplay than puzzles and the hourglass is an obvious and annoyingattempt to add tension to it all by restricting players to a certainamount of time before they die. That said, as a whole The Phantom Hourglass is a fantasticgame which should be considered a must-buy for the Nintendo DS. Forhardcore gamers there aren’t that many must-have games either, and ifyou want to avoid the likes of Nintendogs then you’re prettymuch limited to Mario, Advance Wars and Castlevania– which makes The Phantom Hourglass even more of a feat.

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