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UT3 beta impressions
Posted by newsbot on October 25th 2007

In terms of gameplay, the game is fantastic. Smooth, fluid andinvolving, the game is accessible to new players and won’t overly putunfamiliar players at a disadvantage. At the same time, it encouragesplayers to experiment and try and learn more from the game, rapidlygaining skill.Graphically the game is a marvel too; environments appear both lush anddetailed without interfering or distracting from the match at hand.It’s the kind of thing which shows that the game has been playtested todeath. However, there are a few things which could be a problem – mainly thelack of change. Sure, the graphics are enhanced and there are newlevels, but a lot of that could have been accomplished in a smallerupdate. The Necris vehicles could help address our fears, but we can’treally comment since we didn’t get to see much of them.Basically, it’s the same old Unreal Tournament, but with a facelift and boob-job which is wellsimulated in terms of bounce. Yeah, I liked that analogy too. If you liked the past games then you’ll love UT3 and ifyou haven’t played the past games then you’ll probably still love it.If you’re one of those in-between players though who’s looking forsomething a little different or new, or with more of a focus onteamplay, then you may be better off waiting a while before you buy.

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