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bit-tech P:Call of Duty 4:Modern Warfare hands on
Posted by newsbot on October 20th 2007

The singleplayer is something we can talk about though and fromwhatwe’ve seen it’s shaping up rather excellently. The graphics areincredibly detailed and good-looking, though the smoke effects don’tlook nearly as impressive as they did when Call of Duty 2 came out andthe RPG smoke trails are a little suspect.The action itself is as frantic as ever too, with grenades andtracerscutting through the sky and sending up plumes of dirt whilst your teammates scream and run around taking down the bad guys. There are a fewareas where we think the gameplay could be tightened up but theoverwhelming majority of the game feels crisp and cleanly put together.The key difference between Call of Duty 4 and the other games in the series is, on reflection,not the largely cosmetic differences between World War 2 and ModernWarfare, but the vastly improved cinematic feel. The past Callof Dutygames have often felt grand and beautifully epic, but rarely were theytruly cinematic. They felt distinctly like playing a game rather thanbeing in a movie. This isn’t true of Modern Warfare which, witha new story and more contemporarily gritty feel, manages to feel moreimmersive and polished forever – possibly putting it forward as thebest Call of Duty game yet if the development continues likethis.

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