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bit-tech Feature:CrossFire Comparison - Intel X38 vs. P35
Posted by newsbot on October 13th 2007

So I'm sure that one question on your mind is whatshould I buy?Well, next generation cards from AMD and Nvidia aren't far away at allif the rumours are to be believed. However, they're likely to command apremium for being new, unless they are particularly competitive withone another. If you've set your mind firmly on buying two cards then at leastbalance this off with an appropriate solution - there are cheapervanilla X38 boards out there if you can't afford an Asus Blitz, and ifyou're already prepared to throw £200/300+ on a pair of graphics cards,investing in a decent board to pair them with should be a necessarything to keep in mind. But remember, simply overclocking or tweakingthe system for more performance will negate some of the advantages ofmore PCI-Express lanes and should provide a better overall performancefor your everyday computing, rather than just gaming.

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