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bit-tech P:Kane and Lynch:Dead Men
Posted by newsbot on October 06th 2007

Of course, bringing our thoughts full circle, this is somethingwhichis deliberately built into the game and is in fitting with thepersonality of the player. Kane, the professional killer, moves slowlythroughout the game, exhibiting great finesse and picking off histargets with as little drama as possible. Lynch on the other hand is often vying for a brawl and can be heardyelling or charging forward into the thick of the battle. This againthrows up more ways in which the gameplay and characters are fusedtogether and players will no doubt start to develop odd opinions aboutKane and Lynch themselves. Not only is there the obvious envy of Lynch being able to chargethoughtlessly into battle, but the added annoyances and problems causedfrom having to pick up the pieces and revive the poorly medicatedmonster.

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