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bit-tech P:Team Fortress 2 beta impressions
Posted by newsbot on October 04th 2007

Graphically, as well, the game is just on another level to itscontemporaries. As already mentioned, the game isn't designed to berealistic, but rather uses a mix of cel-shadingand various engine tweaks created by Valve’s dev team to createenvironments and models that are incredibly polished. Even effects likemotion blur are implemented exquisitely, giving the sensation of speedand movement, but without inducing nausea after five minutes of playlike we’ve found with some games recently.Let's not forget though that this is a Beta we're talking about andthat the dev team still has time to iron out the few wrinkles that docrop up from time to time (namely the occasional crash to desktop).TF2 will also be coming down the tubes through Valve’s infamouscontent delivery system, so updates should be quick and seamless.I could continue writing about the marvels of TF2 for days, oreven weeks (perhaps you should start a bit-tech fan club? – Ed.).Instead though, I will confine myself to stating that while Crysismay have left us speechless with its graphical prowess, TF2 seems, tome at least, a refreshing break from the norm of multiplayerfirst-person shooters.I simply can’t wait for the full release and the influx of thousandsmore noobs ready to succumb to my baseball bat of doom. Muwhahaha!!

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