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bit-tech :Enemy Territory:Quake Wars
Posted by newsbot on October 03rd 2007

Quake Wars is a great game, but it isn’t without problems andwehad a number of issues with the game before we got to grips with it.The first obstacle was the interface, which feels very cluttered. It’spossible to remove elements or to make them more opaque, but thisdoesn’t really solve the problem and it would have been a better ideato let users resize fonts and remove elements completely. There’s only so many times I need to see “Waiting for respawn or revive from medic” taking up the majority ofthe screen. There’s also a number of elements in the game which don’t quite performas expected – the personalised missions being the first thing that popto mind. Telling a soldier to “Destroy the Psi Radar for 2XP”isn’t a personalised mission to my mind and is incredibly generic,especially when it is listed for each and every Psi Radar on the level.In terms of longevity and variation, the game is also a bit suspect.There are plenty of maps, but only three game modes; Campaign,Objective and Stopwatch. Campaign is the main game and is a three mapstruggle, while Objective is a one map battle and Stopwatch letsplayers alternate between attacking and defending. Not exactlyrevolutionary and it would have been nice if there were some morechoices available.

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