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bit-tech :Kingston KHX11000D3LLK2/2G and OCZ PC3-10666 Platinum Edition DDR3 memory
Posted by newsbot on September 27th 2007

Overall, the Kingston performs better in 2D applications whenit'srunning at 1,333MHz with its default timings, whereas the OCZ seems torun better at 1,066MHz with lower latencies. On average there's acouple of memory heavy situations, like Xvid encoding, where theKingston is just simply faster than the OCZ. This isn't reflected in 3Dwhere the OCZ is the faster memory across all the games we've testedhere.So which one is better? We'd have to say neither of them are in thegrand scheme of things. If you do a lot of intensive 2D work then theKingston is more likely to suit you and if you're a gamer, you mightfind that the OCZ is a better choice.It's hardly surprising that they both overclock virtually identicallyas well, considering they use the same DRAM chips - the Kingston canhandle fractionally lower latencies but the OCZ does 8MHz more at thetop end. ~1,430-1,440MHz from 1,333MHz modules is hardly that much toshout about, but at least both of them are consistent. Compared to the engineeringsample Corsair DHX modules, which managed to achieve 1,520MHz, but thatwas at CAS-9 which negates almost any frequency advantage.

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