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bit-tech P:Portal - hands-on
Posted by newsbot on September 25th 2007

That said, there are a handful of things which concern us. Thefirst isreplayability, which looks like it may be incredibly limited. Afterall, when you ignore the cool factor of the portal gun we’reessentially left with a simple, short puzzle game which some suspectmay have been added on merely to bulk up the value-for-money appeal ofThe Orange Box.The too-frequent loading screens are also a bit of a cause for worryand whether these are due to the pace at which we were progressing (thefirst rooms are deliberately, but ridiculously easy) or an actuallimitation of the engine makes no difference. Of course, none of thatreally matters because the game still plays brilliantly and is a greatexample of how a simple, innovative idea can be incorporated into agame successfully without picking up lots of chaff and game clichésalong the way. Portal has one or two problems, but these are minor at worst anddon’t really detract from the game experience. Easy to pick up,hilarious and deliciously streamlined, Portal could yet proveto be the best weapon in The Orange Box’s arsenal.

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