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bit-tech P:Crysis Multiplayer Beta Impressions
Posted by newsbot on September 25th 2007

So, is Crysis the next best thing or a just a very pretty butstill dead fish floating in the vast and ever-changing ocean of PCgames? The chances are you’ve already made up your mind on the issue,but you still came here and read this far in order to hear my thoughtsso you’ll still have to sit down and listen. Or read. Whatever.The problem with Crysis as far as I can see is that it may be perilously close tofalling into the same trap as Far Cry– ending up a gorgeous game with some very interesting gameplayelements, but still marred on a few basic issues. The short ten hourlength of the singleplayer game and the quick movement between thejungle, frozen island and spaceship environments may just be a savinggrace for the singleplayer game if rumours are to be believed.With the multiplayer though, the gameplay still feels a little confusedand broken. Wonky physics and performance issues are easily forgiven ina beta version, but the actual premise and the design of the powerstruggle mode is still something I’d call into question. Even thegamemodes themselves could change as the game moves from beta to goldstatus and if you’re one of the few people who’s genuinely confusedabout whether or not Crysis will live up to the hype then you’re going to have to hold onand wait until you can get a taste of the game.

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