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BioShock Gameplay
Posted by newsbot on August 21st 2007

For all the fancy gameplay elements and attention to detailthough, BioShockis still a game about a story. There’s no multiplayer side which willgive the game extra life either, so the story is doubly important.Talking about the game's story is something made incredibly difficultthanks to the spoiler-free nature of this article, but you don’t needto worry and we won’t give in to the over-whelming urge to tell all.Let it only be said that the game's over-arching plot is full oftwists, turns and emotional grab you by the short and curliesthen yank you out of your chair moments.The story, which is told in first person by an utterly silent narrator,is told not just through cutscenes either. Audio logs litter the ruinsof Rapture, just as in System Shock 2 or the much lessinspiring Doom 3.

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