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A look at Omega Sektor - the UK's largest LAN gaming centre
Posted by newsbot on August 11th 2007

I spent a good ten or twenty minutes talking to these potentialcustomers and the one thing that I found most amazing was that they allbelieved the games were running on maximum settings, despite the factthat I later showed them it was default settings and that the PCprevented you from pushing the texture detail to high.Still, I pushed the topic forwards and asked them if they would bewilling to pay for time in the centre. The answer was a unanimous yes,despite the fact that none of them knew how the centre was to bepriced. When I outlined the pricing plan to them, they accepted it asperfectly reasonable given the quality of the hardware and selection ofgames and services. Herded back into the Omega Sektor-mobile and sent back towards thetrain station, I was no longer struggling with my conclusions. OmegaSektor had successfully won me over and it wasnít because of the fancycars and flowing wine either. Omega Sektor struck a chord with me,making me enthusiastic about competitive gaming again and bringing backthe old adrenaline rush which only LAN gaming can deliver. Couple thatbuzz with the reasonable prices and the backing of companies like Inteland Scan Computers, itís hard to deny that Omega Sektor is set to bethe hub for professional and competitive gaming in the UK.

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