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Posted by newsbot on August 10th 2007

In terms of interface, support and design however, Metaboli issuperblyexecuted and well put together. The system offers detailed systemrequirements, which is a great advantage. The reader reviews areuniversally useless and Metaboli would do well to mimic Steam byshowing a Metacritic score for the game instead, but the vast majorityof titles will already be familiar to most players so it isn’t animmediate problem. It should also be pointed out that the forums weresomewhat sparsely populated.When you get right down to the core of it, Metaboli is an incrediblywell designed system that comes the closest to rivalling Steam orGametap to date. Whether it can continue to rise in the ranks andimpress gamers remains to be seen as it’s still early days for it, butthere’s no reason we can see why Metaboli won’t be the next ‘bigthing’. Especially when a glance over the Term and Conditions revealsthat it's possible to organise a £1 trial period.

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