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Writing for the LCD:FPS games
Posted by newsbot on July 23rd 2007

One thing which is constantly interesting about thefirst-personperspective is how prominent it is in games compared to movies andwritten stories. In games, practically every other title is a FPS gameand almost all of the major releases for the last five years have usedthe FPS template in some way, from Half-Life 2 and Preyto the upcoming Haze and Crysis, yet in cinema thereare hardly any movies which harness a first-person view and the onlyones in recent memory are The Blair Witch Project and Doom,the latter of which doesn't really count in our opinion since it justcopies the game. In books however the first-person perspective is more commonly used,though not a majority, so it seems odd that it's so prevalent in moderngaming culture.The reason for this is most likely that games are an interactive mediumand therefore recognise that the first-person perspective is the mostnatural one to use when presenting an environment from the viewpoint ofa single character. Books and movies meanwhile choose generally toseize a third-person point of view as it frees them from the verydifficulties which Rob pointed out earlier on; a third-personperspective allows the writer of a book or movie the opportunity to cutaway to some off-screen action a lot more fluidly.

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