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Apple iPhone (Full )
Posted by newsbot on July 08th 2007

Looking back now, things seemed so different in my coverage of the iPhoneannouncement... I talked the most about the phones features, rather than theuser experience. And that's what the iPhone has come to symbolize. Itdoesn't have 3G speeds, GPS, Adobe Flash or stereo Bluetooth capabilities,but judging from the long lines and sold out stores this past weekend itdoesn't seem to matter that much. What does seem to matter is making theexperience easier and more convenient, and having it all in one device. Thecontent of the ads (unlike most other phone ads which tell you what theirproducts can do) showed you what the product does along with how it getsdone. People could see how easy getting around the phone was, and that'swhat they wanted. After all, what good is a phone if the features are toodifficult for most people to utilize? But would a huge bug with the data andphone service be enough to sour my experience?

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