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Posted by newsbot on June 03rd 2007

USB thumbdrives are very popular, the main reason is their portability,they make it extremely easy to transport data from one place to anotherwithout having to carry a CD or DVD with you. One of the best things aboutUSB thumbdrives is that they can be re-used over and over again, unlike a CDor DVD, unless of course you get the RW variety, still though Cds/DVDs arebig and bulky to carry with you, as are external hard drives. Capacities forthumbdrives are growing constantly, as is the speed at which they transferdata,now with Vista here, there is even more use for these with ReadyBoost.Today for review I have the fastest USB drive I have tested or owned, it isfrom Super Talent, makers of numerous memory solutions, so read on to checkit out...

View article at dragonsteelmods.com

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