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OCZ Equalizer Laser Gaming Mouse
Posted by newsbot on April 09th 2007

OCZ is a company that is known for its memory, but has expanded to one that more broadly caters to enthusiasts. They don't only make memory, but also power supplies, cooling equipment, and video cards, so the addition of an input device to the mix may seem strange at first, but is not that much of a jump for them. They are a company that is very much in touch with the hardware community and if they think say can make a better mouse then it is probably worth checking in to. The product in question is the Equalizer Laser Gaming Mouse. I first saw this product a couple months back at CES when it looked ready but apparently still need further development or manufacturing. The product is finally here and it is selling for about $34-40 depending on whether you get the smaller, mobile size (tested) or the large, desktop size. The two models are essentially the same, though the mobile size, as you will see, is quite small.

View article at xyzcomputing.com

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