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bit-tech.net Feature:The Ratings Game
Posted by newsbot on March 23rd 2007

To that effect, it's abroad misconception held by European gamers thatthe US ratings system is its own problem, or that what affects it won'taffect the European markets. Many big publishing houses (and a bulk ofdeveloper studios) reside in the US, and it accounts for a tremendousamount of game sales. Therefore, the cries from Congress for a harsherrating system there, more government oversight, or even chains likeWal-mart flexing moral muscle by refusing to carry certain ratings willalter the games that the industry releases as a whole. When such alarge market ends up closed off to a game, there may be too manydevelopment costs for it to ever be profitable. Add to that the realitythat the legal enforcement idea of the UK simply couldn't beeffectively implemented nationwide in the US (too much land to cover)and you've got a problem desperately needing a solution.

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