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Gainward Bliss 8800GTS 640MB Golden Sample Ė Overclocked!
Posted by News-Bot on February 01st 2007

nVidiaís GeForce 8800GTS just got a little bit better thanks to Gainward with their Golden Sample graphics card. We understand that overclocking isnít a hard task but thatís us. Overclocking isnít for everybody and if it was companies like Gainward and BFG wouldnít have much joy selling pre-overclocked cards. Itís nice to know that for a few extra dollars you can open the box, place it in your system, and be slightly faster than your mate down the road with a standard GeForce 8800GTS.The biggest problem that we have really has nothing to do with the card. The package really should have had a little something extra and video cables are really a pretty standard item these days, not choosing to include them was like XFX not choosing to include the PCI Express power adapter in their 8800GTS. While a lot of people might have them, there is still going to be a portion of people who donít. They should always be included.

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