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Ultima Online Newbie Guide
Making it easier to get started
By Red Squirrel

Ultima Online is a MMORPG that has been around since 1997 but yet is still widely played and enjoyed by many people ranging from kids to even adults. In itís history, it has went through many expansions in which the latest is Mondainís Legacy. I wonít go much more into the History of UO but if you are interested there is plenty of information on wikipedia.

Why should you play UO?
With World of Warcraft being ďTheĒ MMORPG game to play these days you may wonder why play such an outdated game as UO. One reason is, in the end, the game play is much better. Also, in UO you can take it relaxed more, while in WoW people probably always need you, and itís very fast paced, and it devours your soul. Some people even skip classes to play it! While UO is just as fun, it also gives you more real life freedom as pvm activities require way less planning and man power, in normal cases. Most activities are on the spot and done with whoever may be on at that time, or even alone. Also, you can play UO for free, and you donít need a high end computer for it.

Before you start playing, you should decide which server you want to play on. You can play on OSIís paid shards (In UO, servers are referred to as shards) or you can find a free shard. The official site for UO is http://www.uo.com. One advantage to playing on the paid shards is that you get to experience all the content and official events. Any expansions or updates can be used pretty much right away.

Free servers do have their advantages as well, such as the fact that they are free and while the content can be behind, you will often see custom stuff that can make the game interesting. Some question the legality of emulated shards, but it does seem that OSI is not against it as they would have most likely did something a long time ago. To their advantage it can even help bring people to their shards as people may try a free shard but want the full content so they will pay to play on the official shards. There are several emulator projects for UO, one of which is RunUO. While they are very behind by OSIís standards and lack DBMS back end capability, the server still has a good core to get started from for someone serious about starting a server. Doing so requires some programming knowledge, C# preferred, but even with no knowledge of C# it is easy to pickup the language by looking at the scripts.

Now one more thing before we get started. You need the actual game. Fortunately, the game is free of charge! You can download it from the EA website or do a Google search for it.

Also, if you plan to play on a free server you will need Razor to be able to connect to them. Razor is more then just a connector program though, it does quite a lot to help in game play. You can download razor here: http://www.runuo.com/razor/.

Now that you have UO and razor downloaded, proceed by installing UO, you will also want to run the uopatch.exe application found in the installation folder. After, install Razor. On the next page weíll start the game!

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Latest comments (newest first)
Posted by Red Squirrel on September 09th 2007 (22:40)
hmm it lets me pick the path when I install, you sure you're not just missing it?
Posted by StrickNine on March 03th 2007 (01:39)
I downloaded the UOGold install. I tell it to install UO to my D drive, but it zzzcensored.gif insists on installing to C, wich doesn't have enough memory, and never will because of the way its partitioned. Anyone know a work around for this, so I don't have to reformat my HD?
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