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Virtual Telecommunication Facility Tour
Behind the scenes of where your voice and data is processed!
By Red Squirrel

In this article, you will get to see some of the various equipment found inside a typical telecommunication facility, from a long distance company to an isp (Internet Service Provider). This is the office where everything connects to, and where it is controlled, maintained and monitored. This is also where some of the support calls end up, in order for employees to troubleshoot the circuits. However, this depends on the actual service and way things are organized.

There are over 3MB of pictures in this article! To minimize the bandwidth usage and as well as the slowdown for dial-up users, not all of them will be directly shown, but rather linked to instead. I hope you will enjoy this article and that it will be informative to you!

Ok, let's start!

There are a few rows of equipment here so we will cover most of the major equipment on them.

Let's start with the DE-4's. These are banks of 24 cards in which can be referred to as DS0 cards. 24 of them is a DS1 (also known as a T1, same thing) and are 64Kbit/sec each, which makes a T1 roughly 1.5Mbit/sec with all cards combined.

Not that fast, but most customers lease one or a few channels and they are only used for low bandwidth applications such as fax lines, low speed networking across other cities etc so it's plenty of bandwidth, and since it's dedicated, the speed is guaranteed.

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Posted by Red Squirrel on April 04th 2004 (08:33)
Thanks for the feedback. The radio tower is actually part of the backup in this setup, but there's no OC3's for backup, its mostly all lower bandwith. There's actually regulations and it's required by law for any telco to have some kind of backup. At least so emergency data can pass through (people calling 911 etc...)
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