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Shareaza - a better Peer to peer program
A good spyware-free kazaa alternative
By Red Squirrel

Most settings are pretty much self-explanatory so we won't go in much details here...

General:: Various settings to make the experience better and customize for yourself.
Library:Allows you to manage what file types to share
Media Player: Allows you to manage what file types to support
Community/Identity: Allows you to manage your profile and privacy settings
Web: Lets you decide what type of networks and such to open. Note: magnet:// is a very useful way of sharing files on the internet as it is simply a url that works with anyone that has Shareaza or other p2p program that supports this protocol
Connection: If you are behind a router, lets you select what IP to advertise itself as, and on what port, which makes it possible to share even if you have a router, you just need to foward the port you specify.
Downloads: Lets you specify where downloads go and stuff
Uploads: Manage queue priority groups by file size; upload settings etc
Remote Access: Let's you remotely access shareaza with a web based system, cool concept, but I would not trust it simply because it's an extra thing H4X0R5 can try and attack on.
Gnutella: Manage settings for Gnutella protocol
eDonkey 2000: Manage settings for eDonkey 2000
Protocols: Manage protocols in general
Skins: Lets you choose a different skin
Plugins: Manage plugins and extra features

So as you can see Shareaza is a pretty decent P2P program. And what makes it even better is the fact that it's free and it has no spyware. While for most software this is a good thing, for P2P it's not, the fact that it's open source. The reason is that file terrorists such as the RIAA can gain access to the code to try and find security exploits to PWN J00 which is not a good thing. But hopefully this will also encourage in making it more and more secure.

Please note that this review went through maybe like 60% of it's settings, if that, so expect more once you install it (and no, not spyware :P)

Shareaza can be downloaded at http://www.shareaza.com.

-Red Squirrel
IceTeks Owner

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Latest comments (newest first)
Posted by jellyfish on June 06nd 2005 (21:29)
Emule doesn't contain any spyware but edonkey does (both connect to the same network).

here's the link to the 8MB deal i'm getting: http://www.bulldogbroadband.com/residentia...NP/XP/index.asp

My bit torrent speeds will increase at least.

Posted by Red Squirrel on June 06nd 2005 (16:44)
Oh wow 8mbit, that's almost LAN speed (well a slow LAN, but faster then most DSL/Cable services tongue.gif). But don't expect to actually hit that though, Mine is a 5mbit connection but it's really about 1, at the most.

I don't think I've ever tried emule, I'll have to give it a try. I hope there's no spyware, I'll have to research first.

Posted by jellyfish on June 06nd 2005 (16:14)
Emule downloads are based on a reward system, you have to have a high upload to download ratio in order to get alot of decent downloads, but once you do emule is brilliant- especially for programs, i downloaded a program last night at the speed of 70.

I like the file comment capabilities of emule aswell, it saves alot of time by not downloading corrupted files.

I use bit tornado aswell- my highest speed on there was 196.

I once downloaded 26 high quality music albums from emule in the space of 7 days...didn't like most of them so i deleted them, but that's not the point...rare stuff is there aswell.

soulseek used to be brilliant for getting rare stuff but now it just doesn't work for me.

[R.I.P soulseek.]

emule is good for downloading tv episodes- that's mainly what i download now (via: http://www.the-realworld.de/).

will be going off line now for ages as i'm moving house tomorrow but i'll be back soon with an 8MB connection...much fun will be had on bit tornado/Shareaza.

Posted by Red Squirrel on June 06th 2005 (22:52)
Well it seems to have dived like most p2p networks. I have 20 downloads, all pending.
Posted by Pyr-O-Rgasm on February 02th 2005 (00:52)
I heard Shareaza sucked. I use to use Kazaa Lite K++. Now Kazaa is shitting out on me. It will start to download the files, I'll check back later and they disappeared, so naturally I'm like, "YAY! IT'S DONE!". Wrong. The file is no where to be found. BitTorrent is my favorite as long as you can find good sites.

R.I.P. www.suprnova.org.

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