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Opera Tips
Speeding up Opera
By Brandon

Opera is a small fast secure browser that was first created in the early 1990's. The current version is 7.23 Build 3227, and 7.50, 7.51, 7.52, 7.53, and 7.54. Opera 7.54 is the most recent version, and has security and bug fixes that make it a worthwhile download.

Opera is standards compliant, it's small, fast, and has many never before seen in any other browser features such as notes, and M2. M2 is Opera's new Email client. It has a bit of a learning curve, but once you get good at it, you'll find it's a very good Email program.

Here's some tips to speed up Opera.

1. Defrag HD. This will make Opera open up faster, and download pages to your computer all the faster.

2. Set Disk and RAM cache to 10 megs each. If you know how to edit opera6.ini, you can set Disk and RAM cache to 12 megs. Do this if you have 128MB of RAM or more. If you have under 128MB, set it to automatic. When set to automatic, it uses 10% of the RAM, so if you have 64MB RAM, it uses 6.4MB.

3. Go to Network under preferences, and go to Server name completion and uncheck Look for local network machine, and uncheck try name completion. This fixes a problem in Opera where the address bar becomes unresponsive, and speeds up things a bit.

4. To speed up internet browsing in Opera, go to Network under preferences, and set Max connections to server to 16, and Max Total Connections to 20. This is recommended for Broadband users, such as cable or DSL. If you don't have broadband, set it to something smaller, like 8/16, or 16/32

5. Uncheck Synchronous DNS under Preferences : Network Warning: Don't uncheck this if you have Win95 if you have Winsock 2 upgrade installed.

6. Remove the progress bar, and other buttons and menus you dont use. Removing menubars requires some knowledge of standard_menu.ini This doesn't speed things up much, ut it helps you navigate a little quicker. If you don't know how to do this, then leaving it alone won't hurt anything.

7. Go to History and Cache, and go to Check Images, and change it to never. Images rarely change on websites, so changing it to never will speed up page loading, since it won't have to spend time caching the images to the HD.

8. Disable Java, and Javascript on pages that don't require it. This will greatly speed up Opera. This is one of the biggest slowdowns for webpage loading, since Java, and Javascript can be very complex, and take a long time to load.

9. Use standard windows skin, and disable special effects. Even though this doesn't speed things up much if you have a fairly fast computer, every little thing counts.

- Brandon

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Latest comments (newest first)
Posted by Red Squirrel on September 09nd 2004 (19:14)
Good stuff... I hate that too. The problem with most webmasters... at least non-professional ones (that might represent a big enoguh portion of websites out there) they only base themselves on IE standards, which are pretty far from W3C standards. It's just a good thing that even W3C browsers still support more then what W3C standards say, otherwise it would really be a mess.
Posted by Chris Vogel on September 09nd 2004 (19:11)
QUOTE (Red Squirrel @ Sep 22 2004, 05:14 PM)
Actually did they fix the standardlization problems in SP2?

I think IE checks MIME types now. This will let people realise that they have their servers misconfigured, which will help Firefox, Mozilla, etc. users too! smile.gif I hate when I click on a binary file to get a bunch of messed up text.

Other than that, I donít think so.

Posted by Red Squirrel on September 09nd 2004 (18:14)
Actually did they fix the standardlization problems in SP2?
Posted by Chris Vogel on September 09nd 2004 (17:59)
QUOTE (Scotty Baby @ Sep 22 2004, 04:43 AM)
QUOTE (~guest~ @ Aug 24 2004, 04:56 PM)
Personally, apart from no tabbed browsing. IE6 is the most compatible browser out there, and now with SP2 on Win XP, it's more secure than before............

Oh, no he DIDN'T just say that, did he?

Itís true!

If you were to take every HTML page on the Internet, IE6 would probably be able to view more of them than any other browser, right? As for security, SP2 did give security enhancements to IE, making it more secure than before.

Posted by Red Squirrel on September 09nd 2004 (09:23)
IE is evil! It ingores most html standards, and the rest it renders horribly. Basically, most people own a vehicle newer then IE... IE is old!
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