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Netgear FVS318v3 Prosafe VPN Router
Everything you ever wanted for your network + more
By Red Squirrel

Router Status
This screen outlines a status of the router, such as the system name, firmware version currently installed, IP address and more. The statistics button is pretty cool, it will show you the uptime of the LAN and WAN interfaces, number of packets transferred and received, current bandwidth usage and collisions. The wan status button will let you check your current IP, and release it if needed. Good when trying to troubleshoot a network issue.

Attached Devices
This shows you a list of all the connected PCs, their IP and Netbios name.

Settings Backup
When I tested this, it did not really work, but this apparently lets you save your router settings to a file to be able to upload it back after. It's the uploading part that did not quite work when I tested this.

Set Password
One of the features too many people forget to use, it should be one of the first things you change when you plug in the router to the internet. But what's nice about this router is that administration is done from the LAN only, but can be configured to work from the WAN as well, but I don't recommend that unless it's setup for a client that you manage.

This lets you do a ping or trace route on a specified IP, check the routing table, and reboot the router.

Router Upgrade
This lets you update the firmware, if a new one becomes a available.

Lastly, there's the Advanced category, fun stuff to play with so you can break your network.

Dynamic DNS
This allows you to setup the router to auto sync with a dynamic DNS service. It supports dyndns.org, tzo.org and ngddns. Simply pick one, enter your username and password, and it will keep you synced.

Lan Setup
Here you can setup your IP range, router's IP (gateway IP) and setup the DHCP range. If you have computers with static IPs you'll want to set them outside the DHCP range. Also you can setup reserved IPs by mac address.

Remote Management
I recommend to keep this turned off, unless you need it, and make sure to set a very strong password if you do set it. What's nice though is that you can choose what port it's on, so if you want to use port 8080 for something, you can change it and still setup a forward on port 8080.

Static routes
Here you can setup Static routes. Something that can be useful on more networks when the need to manually set the routing table is needed.

Added later:
This router tends to loose the connection the the internet and requires to be physically reset. Even after upgrading the firmware it still does it (but less often). So I do not recomend this router unless it's sitting right on your desk so you can flick the switch off and on when you can't connect anywhere. It's really too bad that it does that, as it defeats the purpose of having VPN remote access.

This concludes my review on the Netgear FVS318v3 Prosafe VPN Router.

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Posted by Onykage on January 01th 2006 (01:24)


Posted by Red Squirrel on January 01th 2006 (00:28)
Hmm or I can turn it into a really expensive looking hub, and a passive hub at that. em320.gif A network admin's worse nightmare.
Posted by Onykage on January 01th 2006 (00:25)
lol.. that works too.=) Or. if you wanted to indevor into a really tight mod, use its guts on the inside of a nix router box, basically using it a switch that is directly wired into the ethernet of the server.

That sounds like such a good idea. I think Im going to stew on that some.

Posted by Red Squirrel on January 01th 2006 (18:36)
Hmm honestly never realized heat could be an issue, and given this problem is so on and off, it makes sense that heat would be the cause. I have a spare 80mm fan I'd have to try out some modding. em320.gif Or I can go with my original plan of turning it into an ethernet cable tester. em320.gif
Posted by Onykage on January 01th 2006 (13:12)
well, I have a solution to your problems.

First off, this particular model is a heatpump. The industrial grade versions come with 2x 40mm 25cfm fans. Outside of being loud, it is a solid machine. I personally own one, and Ive never had a problem out of it.

Now to fix the Fvs318 you will need to install some fans. I noticed alot of the problems that you guys are mentioning when i first installed this particular model over a year ago. Cooling it off is your fix. Once you get past that, it really is a sweet router for the money.

unfortunatly I dont quite know where I put the pics for the mod I did on the Netgear FVS318. But, I will try to dig them up and get them posted on here in the next week orso.

Lastly, the VPN problems mentioned,.. Im not pointing fingers or tring to pee in anyone's cheerios but, if your in the buisness of web-enterprise and you use consumer grade equipment, then the only person at fault is yourself. If by now you havnt figured it out, in the computer world, if you didnt pay for it, then you can NOT depend on it. The 318 is a small buisness/consumer grade model. I would personally recomend a cysco or medium grade intel model to be used in comercial and industrial environments.

goodluck, and i'll try to get those pics posted for those of you who are still tring to make your 318 work properly.

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