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The Hitch Hikers guide to "the mouse"
Mouse modding fun
By Onykage

  • First lets get a mouse.

    For this I decided to use a Microsoft Optical Mouse (Basic). Its costs $16.97 at Wal-Mart. This type of mouse has a counter weight. I am going to remove that first. So in order to do so I need to locate the set screw on the bottom of the mouse and remove it.
  • Don't see it? Feel around on the bottom side of the mouse. You're feeling for a dimple in the plastic. That's a screw hole, probably under one of the warranty stickers. Sometimes they are under the skates. These are normally #1 or smaller screws so use a gem driver to remove the screw. Remember, you want to reassemble the mouse when you are done, so take your time and be careful.
  • Now that I have the mouse open, I will remove the counter weight located inside. This will make the mouse lighter and cause it to glide easier with less effort. You may find later that you like the counter weight, if so, just reinstall the weight. Take note, not all mice have this weight. I know for certain that the Logitechs don't.
    Once I have taken the weight out, I will start on the paint. Paint takes time to dry, so I will start the process early. This is a gamers mod, so I will probably try to use a game to inspire the mod.
  • Now for the design. Lets start with something simple. I decided to go with a Counter Strike theme and so I used Google to find a logo and cropped it out. I figured it would add some taste to the design if I put "CSG" on the mouse also.

    Note CSG stands for CantStopGaming. A community of FPS gamers. Check them out at www.cantstopgaming.com..

    Next we start the under coat.
  • As you can see, Ive painted the entire top side of the mouse. This is the under coat. While waiting for the paint to dry, I printed and cut out a Counter Strike logo so we can apply it to the paint. Make sure to paint the entire surface with the base coat of paint so you don't have bleeding. You might want to lightly sand the surface of the mouse so you don't get paint flaws like fish eye or bubbles.
  • With the paint slightly tacky, I will apply the first layer of the logo. I think a raised logo will look good on a drab paintjob. The paint will act as a glue to hold the logo in place. Later I will add another layer to create the raised logo.
  • While we wait for our paint to cure, lets get a closer look at the bottom side of the mouse. Take note to the 4 black or silver bushings on the bottom of the mouse. These are called "Mouse Skates". What we will do now is remove some of the friction from the stock skates.
  • First, I need to clean those skates, so, I will use a que-tip and alcohol to remove any residue from the skates. Once the skates are dry, I'm going to put some fingernail polish on the skates. This will allow for a smooth mouse surface, but also give some friction. The mouse is light, so any sudden movements will be quick jerks. The friction will stop some of that. If you want the mouse to be both light and slick, then you can apply the polish then after it dries, put some small squares of heavy packing tape over the skates. The enamel ensures that the tape will stay in place. Also you can use moseSkates brand skates. They run around 8dollars US for a set. A good investment for a decent mouse.
  • Now that the paint is fully dry lets add some spice to the mod. I drilled a few holes in the rear of the mouse. This adds some character to the device.

    Next I will lightly sand the base coat with a 400 grit sand paper. For something this small, testers makes a model starters kit that has some great wet/dry sand paper in it.

    Now I will apply the top coat.
  • This is the top coat. I call it CS Blue. I used the same hints as the Blue in the CS uniforms on Counter Strike, hence the name. So far I've invested at total of 20 minutes of my time to this mod. Keep in mind, you can do other things while you wait the 2 or so hours for the paint to reach a tack free state.
  • Lastly, the prep sand. I also added the decals for the surface. The second Counter Strike logo, and the CSG logo. I went down to the local sign shop and got them to cut me the CSG letters out of vinyl. They are small, so it was free. After I have everything I want in place, Its time for the overcoat. The overcoat is a few light coats of a satin clear coat or lacquer. Presto the new freshly moded mouse is complete. I have now spent a total of 31 minutes on this mod. Quick, efficient, and stylish all in one place. =)

Here are some extra shots after everything was dry.

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Latest comments (newest first)
Posted by Onykage on March 03rd 2006 (15:19)
not sure what you mean by "home made mod?"

i'll do another one.. prolly going to do a nice logitec next. =)

Posted by Triple6_wild on February 02th 2006 (23:43)

great job on the article onykage xyxthumbs.gif

i want better pics of the finished mouse tho ><

basicly can you tell its a home made mod?

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