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Linux for Newbies
An introduction to Linux
By Wldkos

So you want to Install Linux Mandrake, HUH?

If you are interested in installing Mandrake (a Red Hate based distro), then you are in luck. I installed MDK 9.1 (mandrake for those who do not catch on fast...), and from what I have seen/dealt with so far... it is a very nice looking and stable OS. I am actually writing this article in KWrite on my Mandy system. The installation was very easy and went very smooth. Below are the details:

#1: Obviously the first thing to do, is to get your ISO's. If you do not have them yet, which you should, head over to LinuxIso dot org and get the Mandrake 9.1 iso's. They can take a while to download, so doing it at night will be best.
ps, if you need help burning the ISO's to a cd, check on linuxiso's website, they have a great tutorial there for a bunch of programs.

#2: After you have all that ISO business out of the way, get ready for about an hours worth of your time to be consumed. If this is your first time installing linux, prepare for a little more. Pop in your Mandrake91-cd1-inst.i586.iso and get ready to install!

#3: If all is working well up till now, you should see something that says "Load Install Into Memory" and then "Second Stage Install" which will take from 30 seconds to 2 minutes.

#4: System Installation. Here is where everything happens. Mandrake made this install very easy, so you really do not need this "tutorial", but it's 3:30am and if you started reading this, you better finish! If you are lucky enough to use the graphical install (128mb of ram +) then what you will see is a list of Sequences on the left, and a grey box on the right.

  • System Installation Language
  • License
  • Security
  • Partitioning
  • Install Base System [package group selection]

  • System Configuration iceteks_root Password
  • Add A user
  • Install Boot Loader
  • Summary
  • Install Updates
  • Exit Install

    #5: First things first, what language do you speak?

    #6: License... just like windows.. you have to agree to have the software installed on your computer. But do not be fooled. Somehow, in the License agreement, you get to choose what kind of mouse you have and test it to see if all the buttons work. Makes sense...

    #7: Security, This is your firewall and overall system security. Choose what you please. If I am correct, there will be a description of what you are choosing and what is best. I left mine on standard since it is a regularly used PC, and needs some, but not all the security features linux has to offer. If you have some linux background and are setting up a server, choose something higher.

    #8: Partitioning. This can be fun if you have windows installed already and you are trying to dual boot. If so, please read up on dual booting, especially with which OS you are trying to do it with. I found it easiest to partition in windows using Partition Magic, and then use mandrakes partition tool to just set the File system type as an EXT3 and labels and whatnot. If Mandrake is going to be your only OS on that hard drive, just create a new partition with "/" mounted as iceteks_root and make a swap partition doubled your ram. If everything is cool, the install should progress.

    #9: Installing the system. Go get some coffee or play outside. This will take anywhere from 20 minutes (lucky) to 1 hour depending on the speed of your computer and CDROM drive. A medium install should take up around 1.8gb - 2.4gb as well.

    #10: System Configuration is your most important part of the install... setting a iceteks_root Password. For those of you that know linux, you may go ahead to the next section. For those that are new to linux... YOU MUST HAVE A iceteks_root PASSWORD!!! If you do not choose to have one, please infor me of your IP right after your install;). Why you ask? The iceteks_root user is the administrator of the system. This user can do anything that it wants. It can also "deltree" the whole system by accident and say goodbye to linux and hello to this tutorial once again. Please set the password to something hard to guess and different from your user password, which is coming next.

    #11: Add a user. good choice! It is not smart to run linux in iceteks_root mode all the time. So it's best we make a user account for regular use and leave the iceteks_root for administrative ordeals. If you have stupid friends and little sisters and brothers (like they know linux), make another user after you, and later on you can give that user less permissions.

    #12: Boot Loader Time. It is best to install a boot loader, even if you do not have a pre-existing OS on another partition. A boot loader will give you the option of loading into linux, Failsafe, and your floppy. If you have, say windows XP installed on another partition, Mandrake will ask you if you should install your Boot loader to your MBR (Master Boot Record). Say YES. If you don't, think of your install as good as dead. In there you also have the choice to make a boot password as well. If allot of people use your computer, and you don't want them to, let me hack away at a boot loader password :).

    #13: Summary_ Do i need to explain this one?

    #14: Install Updates. Since Mandrake 9.1 has been out for a few months, allot of the Open Source Community has helped MDK check it's OS for bugs, security exploits and whatnot, leaving you updates to be installed. Errata is important and should be installed before getting into your computer. Install the fixed packaged and sleep sound knowing everything is fine.

    #15: Exit install. Your done with the install! Well, just about really. Mandrake is now going to re-boot and then providing if you have another OS on your computer, it should show you the option to boot into Mandrake 9.1 or say WinXP. Choose Mandrake since windows sucks. Everyone knows that the first time running a new computer or OS, there are some things you have to get through before actually using the computer. This will be logging in and customizing some things as well. Have Fun and read carefully.

    ## TIP: If you had any trouble with the install crashing in the middle or not having enough memory, try
  • F1 - VGA low resolution install
  • Text - Type text before the install starts if you have less than 128mb of ram and you will have to do the install via text mode. I was luck to skip this, but things should be basically the same, organization wise.
  • Linux - Type this and get and Expert Install mode.

    ## I hope this helps and I hope that you enjoy your linux/Mandrake install. Everything you could possibly need plus tons more is included in the 3 ISO cd's. I do suggest that if you are new, you head over to Linux Questions.org and join the 25,000+ member community for some support. Anything that you can think of or have problems with, someone else already has, and a simple "search" of the forum will yield you massive results. Enjoy and remember "Fight war, not wars!"

    Written By Jamie Metzger / World Chaos Productions

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    Posted by wldkos on November 11rd 2003 (23:59)
    QUOTE (Red Squirrel @ Nov 23 2003, 11:57 PM)
    lol, sad part is, I knew what it said. roflmao.gif

    yeah I noticed that nonono.gif laugh.gif

    Posted by Red Squirrel on November 11rd 2003 (23:57)
    lol, sad part is, I knew what it said. roflmao.gif
    Posted by wldkos on November 11rd 2003 (23:53)
    what the hell happened to my post? I can't even read that!

    It should say " you should erase those comments"

    Posted by Red Squirrel on November 11rd 2003 (22:17)
    Actually I should disable the bot for this forum, that's what I'll do. xyxthumbs.gif
    Posted by wldkos on November 11rd 2003 (22:06)
    you should erasndowose comments, along with this one.
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