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Force deleting files
Automated repetitive attempts is all you need
By Red Squirrel

Do you have files that you want off your computer?  But every time you try to delete it you get a message that access is denied?  No problem.  Given the fact that you know the file does not belong there, some of these files are simply plain enjoying, some are only in use at a certain time and if you try at the right time - you succeed in deleting it.  For example, sometimes you will have Spyware that won't go away.  Sometimes there's one component left and there's no use downloading a program made for removing it (whether it's a virus, trojan, spyware or other bad file).

Or, are you a network administrator at a public place such as a school or library and don't want specific files to be on the computer?  You wish you could just deny c:\program files\game\game.exe from existing but there's just no such way of doing that.  Sure there is.  Read on.

Killit! File deleter

This very simple utility will work great in any of the above situations, and many others where you need to force a file off your PC.  This utility, when a filename is specified, will loop and attempt to delete the file over and over.  If it cycles at the right time, the file will no longer "be in use by windows" and will eventually get deleted.  Or, if it is never in use but simply always recreates itself and you don't want it to, this tool will nuke it off the system as soon as it comes back!

This program comes in two flavors, which are both free, and distributed in one package.

Personal version: This version is best suited for the first situation mentioned above, if you have a file on your computer and want to force it off.  This program will ask you to specify a path, then start it's processing, and then you can close the dialog and it works in the background, and a message pops up once the file(s) has/have been deleted.

Corporate version: This is better suited for system administrators, as it let's you install it then forget, like a firewall or virus scanner.  You can even install it on a server which has write access to all the computers to have 100% of the control.  The way this one works is that, as the administrator, you add in the filenames you want it to delete (caution!) trough the program (upon the first time of opening it) or directly in the configuration file.  Then, when you fire it up,  it will detect the configuration file and automatically work the same way as the personal version once the close dialog button has been pressed.  This allows you to install it and put it in the startup folder without other users knowing.  You can add known game exe's in it to avoid games from being played at a school for example, or you can even add virus exes (or other extensions, here exe is used as example only) to avoid viruses from appearing in a certain path, for example the windows directory, if that is where it is known to first spread.

With these two apps, you are bound to be able to delete any files you don't want!  It has saved me from rebooting many times, and is known to have saved others from viruses, according to a few download listing sites' reviews.  You can download this tool from our very own site Reliexec Software.

~ Red Squirrel AKA Ryan
   IceTeks administrator

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Posted by davidcarlson on August 08th 2005 (03:55)
Hey guys,

New here. Anyone who is trying to force delete a file might want to check out a program called ForceDel. Check this site out:


Hope this helps.


Posted by tashammer on July 07th 2005 (22:36)
Young Mr Squirrel

Incidently, although this is not the right place, i have been reading a lot of your articles and they are very good. Your writing style is realspeak rather then ubergeekspeek, so i can understand it (which makes a change for me :-) ).

Ta muchly

Posted by Red Squirrel on July 07th 2005 (22:28)
Yeah this is a rather old article and the program is not supported anymore. I think it also had an issue in NT based OSes, but I had lost the source code before I found that part out. It's on an alternative site if you go in this site's download section though.
Posted by tashammer on July 07th 2005 (22:21)
I notice that the Killit! File deleter website appears to be kaput. Leastways it says it cannot be found.

Was/is that a temp site then? If so, is there another source for the file?

Ta muchly

Posted by Red Squirrel on February 02th 2005 (21:29)
QUOTE (ur program is bullshit @ Feb 25 2005, 08:38 PM)
it still couldnt delete a file from my desktop, useless program

Sure insult a program I made in like 2002 it really hurts my feelings. tongue.gif

Hey be glad I actually still have it online.

...Wait a minute, I still have it online? laugh.gif

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