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Nitrogen Expresso Ice Cream!
The way it's done at IceTeks!
By Red Squirrel

Ok, this has absolutely nothing to do with PCs but hey, it's still cool and besides, you can eat it at the computer, as long as it somehow attaches to them!
This ice cream can be made in less then 5 minutes! From the ingredients to you eating it out of a cone!

Ok, first, here's what we need, there's no particular amounts, just put as much of everything as you want! (well that's what we did)

- Milk
- Sugar (the more the better!)
- chocolate chips (even more then sugar the better!)
- mini marshmallows (squirrel's favorite)
- if you want to add anything else such as sparkles, caramel... go nuts
- aluminum bowl (keep the word -200C in mind...)
- something made out of metal to mix it (a spoon will do)
- and... liquid nitrogen!!! That's right! When we made ours, we got it from a gas supplier with supervision of a science teacher, you can check if you have one near you willing to spare a small amount. Make sure to bring a thermos or something like that to put it in, make sure there's a lid that you can close it with, but still leave gas out (if it's sealed tight it will explode!). Nitrogen is naturally a gas (there's about 70% of it in the atmosphere) so when it's liquid - it evaporates at a very cold tempature.

Ok, now that I got you pumped up to really do this, here's what you do:

1) Pour all the ingredients in the bowl, and mix it. Pour the liquid nitrogen in too and then mix it, repeat as needed, until nice and fluffy, or hard, if you want it very hard. Because it freezes so quick, the ice cream will be softer then the one you buy.

2) put some in cones and eat it!!! Enjoy!

A great desert to serve when you have people over, impress your friends and family with your umm, ice cream!

Only at IceTeks will stuff like this be done!

Enjoy your good eats!

Liquid Nitrogen is around 200 degrees Celsius. If it comes in contact with any part of your body, it's more like a 5 second express amputation! it will freeze burn it to the point where it will no longer be usable. If you ever seen someone put a banana in it (or if you tried it) you can make it shatter against a hard surface, it will be worse with a body part trust me! (this safety warning should have been posted before but I thought of it after!!!). Please, also keep pets or any other living thing away from the liquid nitrogen.

The steam itself has been estimated to be at about 30C when it was tried, this is a safe temperature so you don't have to worry about the steam. It's in fact *cool* to put your hand in the bowl after it's been poured, again, being careful not to touch the ice cream while the steam is there (there might still be some N2 left). What makes this ice cream safe to eat is the fact that the liquid N2 is present for a few seconds only when poured!

Red Squirrel
IceTeks Senior Administrator

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