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HDD maintenance... or not
It's like a car, maintain it!
By Red Squirrel

Hard drives are the components of your PC that do most of the physical work. Everything else is pretty much solid state, in exception of fans, of course. So hard drives need maintenance just like cars do. If you would never change the oil in your car, and that your engine would get very dirty, it would be very hard on the car, and even make it go caput in no time.

Same thing with a hard drive. You should check your oil at least once or twice a year and change it as needed. While you're at it, it is a very good idea to clean the platters, and even make partitions. This article will go through this process and help you get your hard drive in top notch performance!

This is the basic tools you will need. Skill saw, drill press and other bigger power tools are optional and will make the job easier.

The drill will be used to open the hard drive. Opening a hard drive is harder then it seems, and the manufacturers use clever sticker tricks to hide screws, don't worry about voiding the warranty, just make sure to not rip the sticker, and put it back after you're all done.

The saw will not be used, but it is handy to have, just in case. The Dremel will be used, however. Once you stripped every single screw by unsuccessfully removing them, you can use the Dremel to grind the heads right off. A hammer may also become handy at this point.

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Latest comments (newest first)
Posted by travis on August 08rd 2005 (17:19)
Posted by Triple6_wild on January 01th 2004 (01:23)
hmm i shoulda ziped most of my files then b4 cleaning huh? lol oh and good news ... my cats new name is crispy lmao
Posted by Red Squirrel on January 01rd 2004 (09:35)
Hmmm, probably a bit too much wd-40. First time I tried it on a server, same thing happpened. Thankfully everything was archived in zip files, so it was easier to find after the disaster. em320.gif
Posted by Triple6_wild on January 01rd 2004 (07:06)
hey ryan? seems your methed of cleaning the drive does not work good at all or i did somthing wrong ...

here is how i followed your instructions

1)i removed the case ok using a hammer and other tools you said and your right i did stripp every single screw and im now blind in 1 eye? damn sparks

2)i ran to the hospital and got a really sharp knife ... you know the ones the doctors use right? ... nothing but the best for my hard drive hehe
well my hand isnt that steady so well cutting the partitions i cut myself a few times ... lil blood on the drive ... think i can email it to blood drive banks?

3)well i had trouble getting vim but i did and im now 99.9% virus free wink.gif and i did the WD40

4) i loved the mod idea so i left the case off

now heres where it all went wrong

1) my cats keep sleeping in the computer and theres alot of hair in there now unsure.gif

2) i think i put to much WD40 in the wrong place and every time i turn on my computer i have to play 1306950 file pickup FILES GO EVERYWHERE (52 pickup with cards is fun compaired to 1306950 pickup with files)

3) umm is my computer supposed to smoke? i dont think my cat is supposed to smoke but well it was sleeping in the computer both started making funny noises and smokin? oh and i have no more power at my house cuz of it mad.gif

oh and a question? whats the saw for ... mabey i needed to use it to get the job done right

next time you can clean my computer and your paying for the repairs cuz it was your instructions bud

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