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Startech HDD cooling fan
Keeping that hard drive cool
By Red Squirrel

This is my first review to write so I hope youíll enjoy it! To start, todayís product will be the StartTech HDD cooling fan. Itís a fan that fits into a CD-ROM drive bay and it comes with brackets to hook up your hard drive in that bay as well, so that the air is sucked in and cools down your hard drive. At the same time, it gives you more air intake for the overall airflow of the case. While this is a very handy thing to have, especially for a server (in this case itís my computer, not my server Ė got one in the server already), it is not as easy to install as it looks. Letís take a look at the process.

As you can see from the picture, thereís no instructions that comes with it. It looks pretty straightforward to install, but still. If thereís instructions that come with a tooth brush, I really donít see why this canít have some too! Anyway, being technology aware, it does not take a rocket scientist to at least get something working out, even if itís not as the manufacturer intended, thereís only a certain amount of ways to do this. So we open up the package.

One thing I donít get is, all those small screws that come with it! We end up not using theseÖ only 4 of them, and thatís to hook up the bracket to the hard drive. We proceed with that. First, decide how you want it to be placed inside the bay, do you want the ide and power cables to be behind or in front? Most likely behind Ė you DO want to plug it right? So we place the brackets to align with the holes on the hard drive, find the 4 screws that fit and have them ready, now before even putting them on, make sure that it will properly fit inside the bay drive and align with the bay drives holes to screw it in.

Oh, did I mention you need to take out your hard drive from itís current location first? Yeah. It goes better. You can choose to keep it plugged but trust me, it goes better if you are hooking this up in a comfortable area and not when itís inside the case!

Once you got the brakets on, get a screw driver and the 4 screws that used to hold the hard drive, and slide it in the CD-ROM bay drive of your choice (after removing the bay cover!) Push it as far as it will go, I got something to say about that later, just put it as far as the screw holes will let you, furtherÖ further, ok thatís it. Now screw it in place.

When I installed mine, I put it as far as it would go, but when came the time to put in the other part Ė the fan, the hard drive was still not far enough, unfortunately, nothing could be done. It depends on the case. When I had put the one on the server, it was fine, but in this situation, no go, the whole fan was sticking out by almost a quarter cm. Thatís not good. So if that does not work, you might need to put the fan on a different bay drive. This is the hard part. None of those cheap screws do any good. You can try, some might work if you get lucky, but chances are, the thing will start falling apart and not work out. Thatís what happened to me. The screw holes in the fan are actually separate nuts inside the plastic, and they can easily fall out. After about an hour of trying to get some of those screws to do any good, it was time to take out the glue gun. Since it was all loose with those cheap good for nothing screws, I just put glue to put them tight enough, and put glue outside the bay drive all around. I made sure that it still looks good, which it does. It is now pretty solid and does not move! If you are lucky, some of those screws might work out for you. I remember they did when I installed it for the server, it was trouble-free.

Wow, donít close the case yet!
Now that this is installed, just think of the extra 25cfm that will be going inside your PC! But first, we need to hook it up!!! Find a spare power connector, most likely the same one that your hard drive is on, plug it in, and you can plug your hard drive in the new end. From here, you can close your case and fire up your PC. Put your hand in front of it and feel the nice cool air going inside!

Air filter
Whatís nice about this is that it has an air filter, it will catch all the dust, and you can simply vacuum it once in a while. The filter is also removable. Some cases (such as mine!) wonít allow it to be removed. If you have bay covers that stick out, and not the traditional flat ones, youíre toast! But you can still vacuum it anyway, chances are the dust is outside anyway.

To be honest, I did not see that much of a temperature change in my case, however, the only censors I have are motherboard and CPU, but I can guarantee that if you have a hard drive censor, you will see it drop!

You can purchase this product at a local Radio Shack for about $30. You may also purchase it at www.startech.com, but it seems to be more expensive. (at the time this article was written)

I hope that you enjoyed this review!

Red Squirrel

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