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Halo for PC Review
One heck of an awesome game
By Red Squirrel

First, I'd like to thank Microsoft for sending me this great game to make this review possible!

Halo is an action packed game and is by far the best first person shooter I've played. Most fps don't have that much of a story line, you just have to kill everything that moves and that's about it, but in Halo, there's a whole story line, and missions to accomplish.

The Break In
It all starts with you the player being "born" from a containment unit and going through diagnostic tests, this happens inside the main ship called the Pillar of Autumn. But during this time, the enemies attack the ship and come in. This would be the best situation for them to say "all your base are belong to us" and someone on the ship to say "someone set up us the bomb" because it's exactly what happens but of course, you don't want to ruin a good game with bad spelling.

From this point, the guy who is doing the diagnostic test gets killed in an explosion and you are on your own to find ammo and help the survivors fight the incoming enemies. After this it's time to leave the ship and crash land on Halo with an escape pod. Halo is a giant ring that is sort of like a planet. There is life in the inner section and it's just like being on a real planet but instead gravity is pulling inwards from the center to the ring itself. This is a very cool concept. When looking up to the sky you can actually see the rest of the ring surrounding you. Very cool! Just looking at that shows how good the graphics are.

From this point there are various missions and they are straightforward as they go, and hard to find things have indicators so you are not looking for something all the time, but there's still allot of stuff to find on your own which makes it exciting and challenging.

AI That Works!
Unlike some games, there is actually half decent artificial intelligence in the computer-controlled characters, the enemies and the other marines. There is also cool comments made by them such as "finally you made it here" and "what the hell was that" when something happens. Oh yeah, shooting at your own guys is fun, because they call you trader and start shooting back! In some games shooting at your own guys does not even do anything! But in Halo, it's way more realistic in this aspect. So when in a fight, watch not to accidentally shoot at 'em!

Like Real
There's lot of other cool things that are realistic such as the fact that it's not always the same thing that happens and the same positions of enemies when you go somewhere. Like mentioned earlier I had a data disaster so I had to replay it from the start, and when in the space ship, I realized that a dead body that was there the first time I played, was not there that time, so maybe the guy died somewhere else. Also, certain explosions did not happen at the same time. These are simple things, but it's great to know they were thought of. Things like this that make the game more realistic are a must for a good game that you will want to play over and over.

The effects of the game are awesome. Great sound, music, and great graphics. The detail put into everything from the sky to structures is very good, and explosions are cool as well. The sound effects are also very detailed, the sound of walking varies depending on the surface, and the sound of a bullet hitting a surface varies as well. Also, the "atmosphere" sound of a room is different in a big room then a small one, and you hear the low "underground parking lot" sort of sound when in a cement room, and you can almost hear that something is going on a bit further and it's all the fighting outside from other marines and enemies. The sound effects are also fully stereo sound, if something happens on the left, you hear it on the left. I do not have a surround sound system, but I can almost guarantee that it is actually surround sound and not just stereo, which makes it awesome.

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Latest comments (newest first)
Posted by sintekk on March 03nd 2006 (09:19)
QUOTE (Holocaust @ Mar 1 2006, 08:27 PM)
I dont know what you are talking about but Halo's graphics on my comp are definately not crap .And if you complain about the online play , Well ,what does that say about your connection speed and the server, because all the games i play are mostly real time with no glitching. and yes try legendary you pussy...
Overall its the best FPS game evermade ,that is until halo2 is out on PC ...
PS. and Master chief is not on steroids, he is a geneticaly engenered/cyborg soldier

While the graphics aren't crap by any means, I've certainly seen much better games for the pc that came out a year or two before it did. That's simply how it goes with ports.
As for the best fps game ever made, well, that's certainly debatable laugh.gif

Posted by upload420 on October 10th 2005 (14:02)
i don't know were you guys have been but i have been playing Halo 2 for about 2 months now and it is awsome. NOt that the first didn't kick some a$$ but the second enhanced there graphics and changed to AI and the physics. I liked the campaign better in the first for some reason though the second halo has a good campaign. But the multiplayer of Halo 2 is inserpassable. I just hope they put it on the pc cause i know i will be able to smoke anyone on the internet. with my mouse.
Posted by Red Squirrel on December 12rd 2003 (11:27)
Really, I find lag has been a minimum, but lately it's been horrible but I think it's gamespy's server or something because it seems to be in every game I join or start, and before I never had lag, unless someone showed up with a ping of 1000 or something crazy like that.
Posted by Red Squirrel on December 12nd 2003 (00:01)
Such as what? I enjoyed it and still do. Only thing I wish there would be more then one campain thing because that one was quick and easy to do. I would not want it to be longer either, just have more then one. But I think the whole point is that halo 2 will be the continuation of that one, and I'm looking foward to see it.
Posted by rovingcowboy on December 12th 2003 (03:59)
biglaugh.gif roflmao.gif dancingbanada.gif cool.gif

ok guys that play halo or might get it this christmas. you are able to join in the screensavers lan/wan party if you can learn the game you will need the full version of the pc game and the mods for it. it seems the pc have has maps in it that the xbox does not have, all info is on thescreensavers website at techtv.com

they said the next lan / wan party is in Jan 2004 the second thursday? they are doing all repeat shows from now until dec 26th then leo is doing a call for help telethon for 12 hours. then back to the repeat shows until after new years. so you got a lot of time to practice the game.

they said they like halo a lot and that is an inucation they might play it several more times next year? cool.gif

like i said i dont play it but i am just telling you that cant see the show so you can join in on the web, go to their site and reguster for the lan party. em320.gif

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