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Home experiments - How to build a fan, part 2
The way it's done at iceteks!
By Red Squirrel

Ok, I know I promised I'd show you how to mount it in a computer.  But I won't.  I realized that it's too risky and I don't want to blow up my PC (ex: if the blades fall off, there goes the motherboard!).

But... A fan this powerful, you probably want to put it at work to blow on YOU when you are hot, never mind your pc!

So this will show you pics of how I made a simple stand for it, it took me about 5 minutes to do since I had a piece of 2x4 lying around....

What you need:

- Your fan that you built in part1.

- Some tape, or/and some cereal box cardboard.

- Stapler (or if you want to get serious: welding machine)

- One short piece of 2x4 or any other size will do.  2 feet is plenty, I had less then 1 foot!

Ok, now here's what you do:

1)Take the 2x4 and cut it, anywhere will do (one section is the foot, the other section is the post)

2)mount your fan on the post using the tape or stapled cardboard, it's better to have both.  First you tape the motor on the wood, then you take some cardboard and staple it over the tape to make it stronger.  Or welded cast iron will do also, but don't forget the motor has coils inside, you don't want to melt all of it do you?  (and remember the glue?)

3)That is it!   Very simple, there's probably 100 other ways it can be done.  The only reason for this article is for the pictures. :)

So here they are! (click to see them bigger)

This is a simple close-up of the motor and blades, you can see how the blades are designed to blow the air so fast.

Can you guess what direction it spins?
Another close-up
Up close and personal!

Now, don't flip the switch just yet, strap yourself first, or your going to fly like you never did before.  This beast has enough CFM power to really cause wind damage!  (ok, maybe on a card house!)
Here you can see that it's completely wired with crocodile clips, and a normal 125vac switch is used.
Also note that this 2x4 was not longer then 1/2 foot, as I did not even use a whole width for the stand, and it is an old piece that was lying around and does the job.  It could use a cast iron bottom though, since it sometimes wants to fly backwards when anything higher then 10 volts is fed to it.
The only problem is that it makes so much noise from the vibration, it sounds like a 250 force boat motor, when put on a hard surface!

Believe it or not, the fan is spinning in this picture!  I never noticed my camera was this good!  It was able to take a still image of something spinning at around 10,000 rpm!
Just seems a bit blurry and that's all.
Here is the next motor we will try.  Don't be fooled, this motor has a high torque, I can just pull out my box of K'nex and add some gears to make the propeller spin faster then it does now, or I can simply use that torque to make a blade out of two plywood sheets.....

Just kidding, I'm keeping this motor where it is - I don't want carbon monoxide all over the house (it's a hot water blower motor!)

Just for fun, (hey, when you have a brand new digital camera, you take pictures of just about anything!)
here is a pic of a later experiment when I got board around 12:00AM.

Can you guess what this, does?  (I don't)

       -Ryan (aka Red Squirrel)

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