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Micronta Enervac Mini Vacuum
Cleaning those "hard to reach" places!
By Red Squirrel

Today I will review the Micronta Enervac Vacuum cleaner. This, I bought at Radio Shack for $10. I was also bribed by the salesperson to buy a $5 warranty, but thatís a different story. This vacuum is perfect for when you want to clean out your case. Using the regular vacuum, you can get the big dust bunnies, do a general clean up of fans and such. But with this vacuum, you can then get all those hard to reach areas (this sounds like a toothbrush commercial). This is also great for cleaning dust that builds up on small components and other places you would not touch with a big rugged vacuum.

Micronta Enervac

General Information
This vacuum comes with two attachments, a brush and also a long ďhornĒ to get those corners and get through those fan grills. This vacuum is very hard on batteries as it is a squirrel cage type of blower, and runs on 4 (1.5 volt) AA batteries. When I bought this vacuum, I also bought the Pure Energy battery charger with batteries as you can see below. I would recommend to do the same, rather than to always be throwing out disposable batteries.

AA charger
AA charger

I did not test it, but Iíd say it can probably run about 3 hours non stop and then it would die, but to consider how often it is used, this is not too bad. I usually charge the batteries every 2 or 3 uses.

For the sake of this review, and to have a little fun acting out a vacuum commercial, I decided to put it to the test. Since all those nasty 486 cases of mine have already been cleaned with a shop vac, steel wool, various toxic cleaners and other supplies, I did not have a dirty computer to do the performance test on, however, I had a little fun with my Dremel and created a mess.


First, I used the vac with no attachment, and made a line going straight down, then I used the brush, then afterwards, the other attachment.

Here is the result with no attachment. As you can see, this vacuum still works well with no attachment. Letís not forget this is only a 6-volt motor, and not an industrial shop vac!


Then I used the brush. The only thing with the brush is that it also leaves a trail at the end when it is picked up, as the brush will mostly brush the dust rather than have it picked up completely, but most of it does get picked up and sucked in.


Then I tried it with the long attachment. To consider the size of the hole, this one is very great as it still made a line just as clean as the others, and wider than the attachment itself, so it shows that the air was still pulling far enough. This means that even those hard to reach corners will get a nice clean.


Afterwards, I cleaned up the rest of the sawdust, and it did a fine job.


I would not suggest picking up anything very disgusting with this vacuum such as crumbs from the table or unknown species of bugs that might shed radio active poop at any time. To clean it, it simply looks like this and itís all out in the open:


The dust is collected in the nose, and the filter keeps it out of the motor. The filter also comes off and can be cleaned with water, and so can the other section, let it dry and youíre all set.

In general, Iíd have to say this vacuum sucks, literally. For 10 dollars Canadian, it works pretty well and Iíve been using it for a few years to clean out my PC. I use the house vacuum for the worse of the worse, such as blowing on the cpu and letting the dust puff out and get sucked in, but for the corners and small places, I use this vacuum. Iím not even sure if they still make these or not, as I tried typing it in Google and nothing came up, but maybe take a look at your local Radio Shack and they might have it.

I hope youíve enjoyed this article!

Red Squirrel
Administrator and Webmaster

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Posted by Red Squirrel on May 05th 2005 (13:35)
Yeah, but I don't think that company even exists now. laugh.gif
Posted by Red Squirrel on January 01th 2004 (12:27)
Just for fun I was looking on where you can buy this and it almost looks as if I reviewed a fictional product. I don't think they make these vacuums anymore. roflmao.gif

Now that sucks! em320.gif roflmao.gif

Posted by Tim53819 on August 08th 2003 (14:15)
lol....it sucks!
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