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Setting up an email gateway
A good way to filter spam and viruses
By Red Squirrel

Go to http://www.spamassassin.org and download spamassassin and install it. This too comes in rpm form and should be easy to install.

In webmin, go to "servers" then click the spamassassin option, we don't really need to touch any of this, but just to let you know it's there for further customization later on. You can also black list email addresses in there as well. What we want to do is make it so spamassassin actually filters mail, so click on "procmail mail filter" and it should hopefully already be set to "Feed to progam /usr/bin/spamassassin".

If at this point everything is working, we are pretty much all done. This article only covers the base of everything and I probably left things out but I hope I did not. In spamassassin options there's stuff you might want to play with to tweak it how you like, such as how much points it takes to consider an email as spam, as SA bases itself on points to determine if an email is spam. For example, the word viagra gets around 2.5 points, while an exclamation mark gets maybe around 0.5. Also surf the spamassassin's website for updated rules and it will show you how to install them. You can even make your own but it's more complex then you would think.

I hope that this article has helped you out and that I did not leave out too many things! Feel free to post (politely please!) in the forums if I did leave anything out so I can add it.

The main reason I made this article is because surprisingly I could not find anything covering this email gateway concept, or perhaps I did not look far enough. But thought I'd shed more light on this type of setup since I have a hard time believing it's not popular, I'm sure it's exactly what big companies use to get rid of spam. There are most likely other programs you can install that will be added to the procmail list for filtering, including email virus scanners.

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Posted by Red Squirrel on December 12rd 2004 (01:54)
Yes you need a pop or imap server for it to work and it has to use mboxes. (you can configure it to use maildirs but I've tried and failed at it, but I know it can be done)

I use the one that came with red hat. I forget the name, and the name is not mentioned even once in the program or documentation.

Posted by loskinski on December 12rd 2004 (01:40)
I have been trying to get this working on my own server here at my house. But did you have to install a pop server? because i am unable to connect to that machine with any of my email clients. any help would be greatly appreciated



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