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Setting up an email gateway
A good way to filter spam and viruses
By Red Squirrel

Before I even start, let me say that I am a total Linux n00b so don't expect too much of the advanced stuff such as finding and editing obscure files and maneuvering weird commands that mean nothing to you, because I will try and stay away from those to avoid mistakes. If it was not for the script "webmin" this would not have been possible for me. If it was possible for me to do this, it will for you, so I suggest you get yourself webmin if you are new to linux like I am.

One last thing before I start, just to make sure we all know what I mean by an email gateway, here's basically what it does.

email gateway

1) Someone will send an email to you@domain.com, so it will go to the mail.domain.com server

2) At a certain interval of time, the email gateway will check for mail on all configured accounts, in this diagram, 2 servers (which can both have any number of accounts)

3) If there is mail, it downloads it to the server the same way it would download to your inbox if you checked your mail.

4) Later on you will go on a workstation and check your email, it will check the gateway server and download any mail it has.

Whether you have 1 computer and 1 email account or multiple of both, the concept is the same. What's nice about a setup like this is that you can send emails locally to other machines, without even needing the internet, so if the internet is down, it will still work. Also, if by chance the mail.domain.com server goes down, you will still be able to read the emails even if you did not check it for days, as they will be downloaded to the lan server.

The downside of this setup is if you have webmail for mail.domain.com you won't really be able to use it from somewhere else since the gateway will always be getting the mail before you have a chance to get it first. But in most cases this is probably not a big issue.

Oh, and I almost forgot to mention the most important, the whole point of this email gateway is to have full control over your incoming emails. You can install various utilities to filter spam, viruses and what not. In this particular article I'll show you how to install and configure spamassassin, which is a VERY good spam filter. It is a simple AI algorthm that detects spam, using sophisticated phrase comparison and also checks various headers that are seen in spam.

On the next page we'll start configuration this setup

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Posted by Red Squirrel on December 12rd 2004 (01:54)
Yes you need a pop or imap server for it to work and it has to use mboxes. (you can configure it to use maildirs but I've tried and failed at it, but I know it can be done)

I use the one that came with red hat. I forget the name, and the name is not mentioned even once in the program or documentation.

Posted by loskinski on December 12rd 2004 (01:40)
I have been trying to get this working on my own server here at my house. But did you have to install a pop server? because i am unable to connect to that machine with any of my email clients. any help would be greatly appreciated



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