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Tutorial on how to burn an ISO image
Burn like the cafeteria ladies do (but faster)
By Wldkos

In KDE, what you want to do first is open K3b, or make sure you have it (check footer).

After opening the program, you will be presented with a window that looks like this. I think these two steps were the hardest, in comparison to what comes next:

What you want to do is look at the top of the window and click "Tools", and then find yourself "Write ISO image". Yes it is, and will be this easy.

After that, a window will prompt you with some options right before the burning process.

As you can see, there are a few things to fill out. You need to specify the location of where the Image is (.cue, .bin, .iso, .nrg), and then make sure that k3b isn't going to 'simulate" burning the iso. That would be a big waste of time. Make sure "burnfree" is checked, and the writing mode is set to auto. Ofcourse if you have different needs, go ahead and make changes to suit you better. One thing that I didn't notice, which is quite neat, is that K3B will check the MD5Sum for you, to make sure it's a real ISO.

After it checks it and everything hopefully passes, make sure your window looks as close to mine as possible, with the speed set and your cd-writer shown as it. It seems that my ISO was indeed a good iso, and Im happy, you should be too.

Everything is cool; proceed to burn. That's really all there is too it.
I have found burning an ISO in linux to be so much easier than in windows. It's a lot more straight foward, and just simple. The job is done easy, and I think no one should have trouble with this.

If you have trouble with K3B, please post a response in the forums link below. If you have trouble installing K3B (which you shouldn't since it comes with every distro), then you can try "apt-get install k3b" and run the ]#k3bsetup as iceteks_root, and you should be set. If you do not have "apt-get", download it. it. K3B is very easy, and I hope you feel the same. Do not hesitate to ask in the forum for help either.

** Some things to keep in mind are that you should test out the first cd before going ahead with burning the others. You should reboot your machine and head into your BIOS, make sure you computer is set to boot from the CD-ROM first and then the Hard Drive. If you get greeted by a mandrake install screen, then you did it right, and I'm damn proud of you. Don't get antsy though, you still have 2 more cd's to burn ;)

Ps, I plan on having a partitioning tutorial within the next week, so if you plan to Dual boot with windows, please wait, or search google.com/linux for some help. Please do research before dual booting!

Created by Jamie Metzger / World Chaos Productions

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Latest comments (newest first)
Posted by forkart on December 12th 2006 (04:26)
On Windows , I recommend you to use magiciso to burn iso file. It does a good job.

Posted by Triangle on November 11th 2006 (13:59)

I would like to recommend you to use ISO-burner tool. This is a small yet reliable and very easy to use soft. It performs the operation in just a few clicks.

Posted by Stephmo on March 03th 2005 (13:28)
It worked. Now I just need to install it completely. I'll reply tomorrow. Thanks for the help. smile.gif
Posted by Red Squirrel on March 03th 2005 (13:06)
I just thought of something, do you have your computer set to hide file extensions?

Go to "my computer" (or any folder) and go to tools/folder options/view and make sure the checkbox for "hide extentions for known file types" is off.

Posted by Stephmo on March 03th 2005 (13:00)
QUOTE (Red Squirrel @ Mar 20 2005, 01:57 PM)
if you rename it to .iso you should be safe.

banghead.gif D'oh! Maybe it will work anyway....

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