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What are .bin files for?
The mystery solved, well sort of.
By Red Squirrel

This is a very brief article but this has been an issue that baffles allot of people, so figured I'd do a quick write up on it to clear things up a bit on what .bin files are.

Bin files, unlike other files such as .exe, .wpd, .doc, .xls etc don't have an actual program used to open them specifically. A .bin file is sort of a universal file for binary file. So it can be anything from a rom for an emulator, to image/sound data for a game.

There are a few widely used utilizations for .bin files. One of them is CD images. It is similar to an ISO image. Usually a .bin file will also require a .cue file that goes with it. Programs such as Alcohol 120%, ISO Buster, Nero (etc) can open these. The cue file is usually very simple and can be created by entering the following in a .cue file.

Then you would simply open Nero or other burning program that supports .bin images and burn from there. Also, with daemon-tools it's possible to mount it as a virtual CD ROM without even burning it, this is useful for testing to ensure an image actually works, before burning it and realize you just made a coaster.

But like mentioned, .bin files are not for a single purpose. CD images is one of them, but so is other things such as game roms and such. Mame is a good example of an emulator that uses .bin files.

.bin files have too many uses to list them all but CD images and ROMs seem to be the two biggest users. AVG (and possibly other Avs) use them, windows uses them (ex: mib.bin which appears to be for SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol). I even found a bin file in my printer's driver directory. So they're used pretty much everywhere and can be looked at in the same way as a file with no extension, which has multiple purposes. The main reason each program won't just come up with their own is probably to avoid using extensions that are used by other programs. So "less important" binary files are usually just named .bin to avoid hassle.

There's not much more to say about these files unless I start covering every single use, so I will end the article here. I hope it cleared things up on what .bin files do.

Red Squirrel

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Posted by kumarg19 on July 07th 2007 (16:53)
the article availble in this forum is good
Posted by kumarg19 on July 07th 2007 (16:47)
here is a blog explains step by step procedure

Posted by kumarg on March 03rd 2007 (07:53)

Bin files and cue files can be burned by using burning tools such as nero or daemon tools

I have faced the problem like you and succeded after two days and explained step in the blog

How to open Bin file

Posted by kumarg on February 02th 2007 (08:36)
dancingbanada.gif Here is a detailed solution for your question

Visit How to open bin file?

Posted by manadren on April 04nd 2006 (16:23)
I satnd by my comment. But anyway, saying "alcohol 120% didnt want to put them on cd for some reason", doesn't really tell me much. It could be a corrupt image, it could be a missing cue file, it could be you don't know what you downloaded, or it could be that you don't know how to use alcohol 120%. There's really no way for me to know. All I'll say for now is that I've burned Bin files without cues with CloneCD before. If you want anything else, I need some more info. Like what is it supposed to be? How big is the file? Did it come with a cue\ccd\mds? Have you tried writng a cue file? Can you tell why alcohol won't burn it? etc.
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