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General PC Talk -> WIDGETS??????????????????

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richardj - Jan-12-2006 server time

I was surprised to see just how much memory--amazing.

But they are still fun to mess with.

You can always create them & then close them out.

Right know my weather & calender widgets are taking about 8,200k

But I have a Gig of memory so it ain't too bad.

sintekk - Jan-12-2006 server time
Windows does several of the widget's functions, but in far more drab manner. There are tons of unique widgets out there.

But, yeah, this thing sucks memory pretty good.

rovingcowboy - Jan-12-2006 server time
memory hogs on small cpus, and windows has all them anyway?

richardj - Jan-11-2006 server time
cool.gif I downloaded this and set it up it's kool.

You can have them displayed all the time or just when you press F8.

Add or delete them at will--lots of fun.

WIDGETS FREE!! dancingbanada.gif

SCROLL TO RIGHT IN PIC FOR F8 (or heads up) VIEW (notice it's superimposed over desktop)

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